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Anodizing is a Electro-Plating Process that plates the high grade
aluminum part with an aluminum-oxide finish. This Finish is VERY
Strong and scratch resistant. The other benefit of anodizing is
being able to color the part at the same time. For a couple of extra
dollars you can customize your parts to match the body of your
truck or simply your style. We offer anodizing for a VERY
reasonable price.

All of our anodized parts go to the anodizer when your order is
placed. We do this because with many things that are dyed there
is a dye lot. We send your parts out together so that you are
guaranteed that all parts on that order will match perfectly.

That being said, if your doing an entire build we recommend you
order all anodized parts at the same time since we can not insure
that a part ordered today will match a part ordered in a month

Anodized orders will typically ship within 7 BUSINESS days, but
based on time of year, volume of orders, and the anodizers work
load it can take longer than that. If you need a more specific lead
time your welcome to send us an email and we will try to estimate
the lead time more closely