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Rock Crawler

Fine Tune Your RC Crawler Shock Placement
Get Limitless Articulation Without Contacting the Chassis
USRCCA 2009 Comp Legal Design
No Need For Side Panels
Sleek Forward Moving Realistic Chassis Design
Direct bolt on to the Axial AX10 RC Rock Crawler
Best for 4" or stock Axial drooped crawler  and Traxxas  shocks.
Includes 81 mm braces and mounting hardware (does not include top body panels)

The GroundHaug crawler chassis offers a lower center of gravity with a design that places the links in just the right place.
Compared to the other bodiless tvp crawler chassis's on the market, this chassis offers an innovative design that brings the
shocks inboard with out compromising articulation and lessening torque twist. With a few simple steps and some Axial link
changes you'll get a perfect 12.5 wheel base too!

Requires 2x 106mm, 4x 65mm braces, and 1x 6x6 spacer.  Available from us for an additional charge.

Link to manufacturers website and videos